Property Owner Victim of Anti-Hunting, Animal Rights Agenda

If you’ve had dogs for any length of time then chances are at some point you have had a bad neighbor. You know the kind – someone who always finds a reason to complain about your dogs even if they aren’t doing anything. Now imagine if you had a neighbor with other motives. Perhaps your neighbor wanted you and your dogs gone to increase property values. Or maybe your neighbor had animal rights views. Then you might know how Dr. Alison Brown feels.

Dr. Brown, in Chaffee County, Colorado, is in that situation now. Dr. Alison Brown is an engineer, world-renowned for her work on GPS and satellite navigation. She has taught courses on GPS at UCLA; worked on projects for the U.S. military, and founded her own company called NAVSYS. She does much to promote small businesses, as well as women in science and technology. And, for dog lovers,



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