Prominent Islam critic files complaint over poisoning

Reykyavik, Iceland

Prominent Islam expert Robert Spencer has filed an ethics complaint against a doctor in Iceland who treated him for poisoning after a speech in the island nation.

Authorities also are considering whether or not to issue an indictment in the case.

Spencer, noting physician Hjalti Már Björnsson writes for a “hard-left” Icelandic publication, suspects Björnsson’s “curious downplaying of my poisoning” was politically motivated.

Robert Spencer

As WND reported, a medical report in May confirmed Spencer’s claim that he was drugged by an Icelander in a Reykjavik restaurant after giving a speech on Islam and the future of European culture.

Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch, believes someone who recognized him at the restaurant where he dined after the speech approached him, declaring himself to be a fan, and slipped drugs in his drink. Shortly after the encounter, another Icelander came up to him

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