Professor Wants to Fight Ben Shapiro, Students Want Him Promoted!

Once upon a time college students actually debated each other on college campuses. But now a days, most of these same liberal institutions would just rather support safe spaces and spread false information, especially when it comes to Conservatives like Ben Shapiro. However, these millennials at UC Merced in California seem to think they can effect the hiring and promotion of professors, even if those professors incite fighting a Conservative like Ben Shapiro.

Shouldn’t public universities be platforms for open discourse? What’s wrong with this picture? They want their ‘safe spaces’ on one hand, but they promote violence on the other? And on top of that want those professors who incited that violence promoted by the university? WTH?

Reported by Campus Reform,

Students have rallied around a University of California-Merced lecturer after his offer to participate in a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro came to light



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