Prisoners tortured, families told to pay $2,855 for ‘treatment’

China Aid is a Christian ministry promoting religious freedom and the rule of law in the communist nation.

While it focuses on persecution of Christians, it is alerting the world to the government’s treatment of citizens in China’s Muslim-majority Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

The ministry, which supports religious freedom as the groundwork for all other basic human rights, says its sources have described the torture of 20 Kazakh citizens in Xinjiang.

The Kazakhs have been incarcerated at “political training centers,” the ministry said, where they have suffered mental breakdowns.

The report said “the 20 prisoners, who consisted of civil servants, doctors, and other professionals who participated in political activities, were deprived of sleep and bathroom usage and forced to wear helmets that produced noises for 21 hours each day, only allowing them three hours of asleep.”

“They were forced to sing nationalistic songs and recite Chinese. The constant torture caused them to cry and scream



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