‘Prevent gun violence by overturning statewide preemption’

Washington state anti-gunners want to tie the hands of gun owners with red tape by destroying state preemption. (Dave Workman)

Now that the Washington State Legislature is controlled by Democrats, a Democrat lawmaker whose district is in Seattle will push to overturn the Evergreen State’s long standing preemption law that prevents cities, towns and counties from adopting their own gun laws.

As KIRO radio reported, State Rep. Nicole Macri wants to knock down the 30-year-old law that placed sole authority for firearms regulation in the hands of the Legislature. No jurisdiction can adopt tougher or contradictory gun laws, such as bans in city or county parks, and other public venues. The law has served as a model for similar laws in other states.

This became possible due to the outcome of a special election in the state’s 45th District that was won by liberal Democrat Manka Dinghra. She made no secret



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