Press These Points to Reduce Knee Pain Naturally

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Do your knees hurt? The discomfort in your knees can make even the simplest chores seem daunting, like walking or going up the stairs.

However, just resting your knees isn’t enough. You also need to keep your muscles and bones strong.

These exercises will help alleviate your pain. Homemade medicines to treat knee pain are proving to be helpful, but you should really try acupressure. Have you heard about it?

Originally from Asia, acupressure is more than 5 thousand years old. It treats pains and other imbalances of the body using only the fingers or specialized tools to exert a rhythmic, gentle pressure in spots known as pressure points.

Pressuring these points that hold energy will naturally stimulate self-healing in the body.

This treatment can reduce pain, boost the immune system, alleviate tensions, and promote blood circulation. Working on specific points of your knees, you can accelerate your healing.

Here are some acupressure points in this area:

Before starting: if you have a serious or a life-threatening disease, such as heart disease or cancer, talk to a professional before doing acupressure.

See now 5 pressure points to alleviate your knee pain:

Point 1 – Located right under the kneecap, on the outer side of your leg. Point 2 – Located on the outer side part of your leg, under the upper part of the tibia.
Point 3 – Located on the outside of the knee, at the end of the crease when you bend your knee.
Point 4 – Found in the inner side of your knee, on the upper side of the tibia.
Point 5 – Located at the center of the inner side of your knee.

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Stimulating these pressure points will help with your knee pain and other symptoms. After massaging these points, drink lots of warm water to help cleanse your body from toxic substances.

Do it whenever you have knee pain. If you already tried it, tell us your experience in the comments.

0:00 Acupressure Points for Knee Pain Relief
1:17 Acupressure Point 1: Calf’s Nose
1:28 Acupressure Point 2: Sunny Side of the Mountain
1:39 Acupressure Point 3: Commanding Activity
1:49 Acupressure Point 4: Shady Side of the Mountain
2:03 Acupressure Point 5: Commanding Middle



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