President’s Name Now Considered “Hate Speech” at Connecticut High School


The liberal overreaction to everything Trump has grown exponentially more determined and dangerous over the course of the last several months.

According to one high school principal in Connecticut, merely stating the name of the President could be considered “hate speech”.

As the left attempts every trick in the book to stymy the mere visage of President Trump, their actions are turning strange and extreme.  The latest piece of the leftist anger-puzzle comes to us from Connecticut, where one high school principal has had enough of students merely saying the President’s name.

“A high school principal in Connecticut has denounced students who chanted President Trump’s name during a recent basketball game, calling the chant ‘hate speech.’

“In a letter to the school, Canton High School Principal Andrew F. DiPippo insisted that chanting the president’s name at school functions will not be allowed, The Blaze reported.

“’While students’ right to free…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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