President’s Boy Scout Speech Reignites The Trump Is Hitler Nonsense

For much of the campaign, we were subjected to redundant and ridiculous assertions that President Trump and/or his policies were fascist, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, or even the next Hitler. Thankfully most of those thoughtless charges seemed to vanish after the election…until now. President Trump’s address to the National Boy Scout Jamboree on Monday evening was used by liberals as an opportunity to innapropriately compare him to Hitler.

For their information Presidents have been addressing the Boy Scout Jamboree since FDR in 1937. As a former Boy Scout myself I remember that each President of The United States serves as the honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America and that’s the reason every president is invited to address the Jamboree.

“Unhinged liberals and radical left-wing activists likened President Trump’s Monday night speech before the National Boy Scout Jamboree with Nazi Germany; comparing the President’s address with those given by



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