Presidential Press: Promiscuously Propagandist Behavior

Right Leaning Presidential Press Tactics

To understand what is being played in the news about Trump, let’s review the history of liberal media’s “fake public image” coverage. It is clear they show only the WORST moments of every right-leaning leaders’ videotape and quotes every day, selected purposely to promote a negative image like:

Ronald Reagan – He was the “cowboy”, gun slinger, religious fanatic. W. Bush – The “moron” – who flew military jets and had a Yale degree. Perot – He “couldn’t relate to black people” because of one speech where he used a common phrase “you people.”  Worst of all – his wealth meant he would be incapable of leading average people, and insensitive to the poor. Romney – A “tool of big business” because he worked in the finance industry. Trump – “Can’t control his mouth,” but has a huge social circle and business acumen which



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