President Trump’s Progress In U.S.-Led Military Campaign Against ISIS Is Absolutely Staggering

It would be foolish to argue that President Trump’s progress against ISIS has not been significant. These numbers add up to a great success for the President’s strategy in paring down ISIS on a daily basis. 

The military campaign was something that was not anticipated by ISIS. They have had their way for far too long under the old rules of engagement. Now they have lost over 95% of the territory that they once held. In this article, you will see how their number of combatants has shriveled up and you can also see the numbers of peoples who have been liberated. Read on.

As Written and Reported By Saagar Enjeti for the Daily Caller:

The U.S.-led military campaign under command of President Donald Trump has made dramatic progress against ISIS in 2017.

ISIS retains historically low numbers of fighters, controls little territory, and has lost much of its command and control facilities



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