President Trump’s daughter-in-law hospitalized

Vanessa Trump, the daughter-in-law of the president, was taken to a hospital in New York City Monday after she found a white powder in a letter she had opened.

Authorities said the New York Police Department and the Secret Service were investigating the incident involving Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr.

WABC-TV in New York reported the letter, addressed to her husband, was delivered to the couple’s East 54th Street residence.

Vanessa Trump opened the letter just after 10 a.m., and “she and two other people were decontaminated by firefighters at the scene and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation,” the report said.

The New York Daily News said there were no “complications,” but she was evaluated at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center. Later reports said there was no danger, with some sources identifying the powder as cornstarch.

Donald Jr. is the eldest child of the president and



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