President Trump’s Challenge Coin Is Different Than His Predecessors And The Critics Are Out In Droves

President Donald Trump has designed his own version of the Presidential challenge coin. Challenge coins originated in the military and reflect a units mission, pride, and honor. It is an honor to have a command present one to a unit’s member in recognition of good service.

The past few Presidents have had their own coins to hand out to troops and to others. As you might expect, President Donald Trump has designed one that stands out from the crowd. it will be highly sought after. It will also be highly criticised as you can read here.

As Written and Reported By Karen Townsend for Hot Air:

President Trump’s challenge coin includes several changes from those of his predecessors – gone are the presidential seal, the motto “E Pluribus Unum”, and the thirteen arrows representing the thirteen original states. The eagle faces right, not left, and the inclusion of his campaign slogan has his



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