President Trump Withdraws US From Another UN Program!

President Trump has withdrawn the US from a UN refugee agreement that ceded our immigration policy to the globalists, again reclaiming United States Sovereignty!

Once again President Trump has put America first, deeming the UN pact “inconsistent” with its policies.

“The US Mission to the United Nations informed the UN Secretary-General that the United States is ending its participation in the Global Compact on Migration,” the US said in its statement on Saturday.

In September of 2016, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted the non-binding political declaration called the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. It pledged to uphold the rights of refugees, help them resettle and ensure they have access to education and jobs.

“The New York Declaration contains numerous provisions that are inconsistent with US immigration and refugee policies and the Trump Administration’s immigration principles. As a result, President Trump determined that the United States would end



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