President Trump To Kick 2 MAJOR Groups Off Food Stamps – Never Done Before:

As we reported earlier this month, it was President Trump’s intention to get some freeloaders off the taxpayer’s back by eliminating a few groups from eligibility for Food Stamps: Now it’s actually happening.

Welfare should not be a way of life. Welfare was designed to help people in need. Back in the day, it was somewhat embarrassing to be on welfare. People would drive to the other side of town so their neighbors wouldn’t see them using food stamps. Now, some people wear welfare as a badge of honor, and that is what gives it such as BAD name. People gaming the system and living off hardworking Americans!

Welfare in America needs an upgrade. It needs to be used like a ladder. Meaning we need to help people get out of the hole, not make them comfortable. As they make more money, we reduce the benefits they are getting instead of cutting them



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