President Trump Takes Action on Fake News Reporting from White House

For too long, questionable media outlets have been allowed to operate as legitimate purveyors of fact while reporting with bias along partisan lines.

When “news” organizations such as CNN and Buzzfeed took it upon themselves to attempt slandering the President via unverified and untrue reports of his interactions with Russia, (and their prostitutes), those outlets signed their own death certificate.  In the age of the internet, it seems, the truth will always find a way.

Donald Trump’s administration is taking decisive action against purveyors of “fake news”.

Now that many of those organizations have been linked to ridiculous and phony stories hitting the airwaves, the White House has pushed back and punished the worst of the “fake news” offenders.

“Reporters for media outlets dubbed ‘fake news’ by US President Donald Trump were upset Friday after they did not receive an invite to an informal White House press briefing.



Andrew West

Andrew West

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