President Trump Signaling Interest in Ending a Bill Clinton Policy

President Donald Trump wants to end welfare as it has existed since former President Bill Clinton put his signature to it. You can run a short countdown and watch all the opposition erupt. It is sad to note that today’s welfare is called an entitlement program. What are people entitled to How much of your money are the poor entitled to? Who sets the limits? There is a hard row to hoe for the President. This will not go easily into the night.

As Written By The AP and Reported By Breitbart:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Overhauling welfare was one of the defining goals of Bill Clinton’s presidency, starting with a campaign promise to “end welfare as we know it,” continuing with a bitter policy fight and producing change that remains hotly debated 20 years later.

Now, President Donald Trump wants to put his stamp on the welfare system, apparently in favor of a



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