President Trump Set A Very Successful Trap For One Top Democrat

It is now quite clear that President Donald Trump was very successful in setting off the Pocahontas trap for the Democrats and Senator Elizabeth Warren. The President referred to Ms. Warren as Pocahontas when he was addressing a group of WWII veterans, the Navajo Code-Talkers. The Senator has jumped on this as a great opportunity to fundraise for a Presidential bid.

There are many detractors out there that portray the President as a knee-jerk operator. if they want to think that the president is incompetent and knows not what he does, they will never know what hit them. here is what is going on.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

I think President Trump is trying to get Elizabeth Warren nominated, or at least keep her in the spotlight.  It is a trap for the Democrats and progressivism.  And it is working.

The conventional wisdom of D.C. politics has



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