President Donald J. Trump Orders All Devices That Turn Legal Weapons Into ‘Machine Guns’ Banned

President Trump has surprised everyone by ordering Attorney General Jeff Sessions to get regulations rolling to put in place a ban on all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns… i.e. bump stocks.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders says this has already been done and they are moving forward.

First off, wtf?

Second, this strikes me as throwing a bone to the left. Bump stocks were not involved in the Florida shooting. Scroll down for first-hand video

They were in the Las Vegas shooting. Second, I consider this an unconstitutional move and in fact, it should have to go through Congress, but instead the ATF will ban them. It’s a gesture. Trump also called for more stringent background checks and I can agree on that if they include those under psychiatric care and on meds, but I cringe even on that.

Bump stocks are gun accessories that are used to increase



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