Polls Report Americans’ Have Message For Congress-ENOUGH WITH RUSSIA!!

By Andrew West

Congressional Democrats have been concocting some of the wildest conspiracy theories this side of Dealey Plaza in the first few months of the Trump presidency, and Americans are tired of it.

Originating during the tumultuous and arduous election of 2016 while Hillary Clinton was hard up for a way to attack then-candidate Donald Trump, the former First Lady conjured an all-too perfect super villain to pin her opponent to:  The evil Russians and their creepy President, Vladimir Putin.

Clinton was relentless, constantly calling into question Trump’s natural hope to have a normalized relationship with Russia, who, after all, is a super power on the world stage and the planet’s largest country.  It was darn near presidential of Trump to show such restraint and diplomatic concern regarding our nation’s relationship with the only other sovereign entity on the planet that could wipe us off the map with the push of a button.  Clinton,…



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