Poll says voters prefer pot regulation at state level

Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to tighten up marijuana law enforcement, but a Rasmussen poll shows most voters want pot regulated at the state level.

A new Rasmussen survey released Thursday reveals that 56 percent of likely U.S. voters think marijuana should be regulated at the state level rather than by the feds, but there is one significant problem hiding in the weeds: Firearms.

According to the new Rasmussen Reports, only 29 percent of survey respondents believe that marijuana laws should be set at the federal level. Sixteen percent aren’t sure.

This comes days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed plans to roll back a policy adopted by the Obama administration that eased federal enforcement of marijuana laws in states where pot has been legalized.

California recently legalized the use of recreational marijuana, and recreational pot is also sold in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada.

But because marijuana remains

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