Poll: Dems losing advantage in midterms

Traditional wisdom has it that the party not holding the White House picks up seats in Congress during the midterms elections.

That would give the upper hand this year to Democrats, who trail the GOP by 45 seats in the House and a narrow two seats in the Senate.

But that same wisdom also says the party in power gets more support when the economy is doing well, and that appears to be the case in 2018 following the GOP tax-reform bill and other moves by President Trump.

So who actually will hold the advantage?

Despite all the media forecasts of a GOP bloodbath, it’s too early to tell, but the margin seems to be closing.

CNN reported in January that voters who say they are most enthusiastic about voting in 2018 favored a Democratic ballot by 15 points.

The next month, however, The Hill reported that after trailing by as many as 10



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