Politically Correct Education Has Gone Too Far

Politically Correct Education Has Gone Too Far (Image: MGN)

Local authorities were called to William P. Tatem Elementary School after a nine-year-old was accused of making racist “brownie” comments. Officers apparently, questioned the child aggressively, asking him what he said.  The child’s mother, Stacy dos Santos, said that her child claimed to have literally been talking about the brownies, and she now no longer trusts the schools administration. A new policy has been made between the school districts and the local authorities that make them handle even “minor” situations with the authorities.

Earlier this month police were called to a local elementary school in Collingswood, New Jersey. Yet, when they arrived, the “disturbance” was not what they expected.

Brownies were being passed around in one classroom for an end-of-the-year party. It seems harmless right? What could have possessed someone to call the local authorities to break up such a joyous occasion?





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