Police Officer Tricked By Doll

Police Officer Saves The Day…Kind Of (Image: MGN)

A New Hampshire police officer saved a doll from a hot car. Officer Short got a report that an infant was locked in a hot car, but when he arrived and shattered the window to rescue the child he saw it was a doll. The doll is called a ‘reborn doll’ it’s designed to look life-like. Carolynne Seiffert, the owner of the doll, has been collecting them since her son died.

A New Hampshire police officer has recently found fame for his act of heroism. What did he do you ask? It was a hot day when the officer reported to an infant left inside a car. He quickly sprang into action, broke the window of the car to rescue the young child, only to find out that the child was, in fact, a doll. 

Police Lt. Jason Short of Keene, New…



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