Police FURIOUS with Philadelphia Democrat DA: ‘Shoot Dangerous Threats In Arm’ [WATCH]

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner recently told recruits at the Police Academy in Holmesburg that they should not shoot to kill, but shoot someone in the arm during a violent encounter.

Specifically, Krasner told them that in a scenario where police officers fatally shoot an unarmed and mentally ill man who had reached for another officer’s gun and struggled with him over it had made a mistake.

A video shows Krasner referring to “some mistakes that were made” in that scenario. He said the man could have survived had the officers not displayed “an eagerness to shoot center mass.”


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Most in local Philadelphia law enforcement were enraged at the DA for placing both police and citizens in danger with the advice to new cadets.

In a letter sent to the cadets Thursday, John McNesby President of Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 Police FURIOUS with Philadelphia Democrat DA: “Shoot Dangerous



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