Police Dog Shot In The Line Of Duty, Reaction When He Reunites With Cop Is Priceless [VIDEO]

Bruno the K-9 faced a life-threatening situation when he was shot in the face while chasing down a suspect. The dog selflessly through himself in the line of fire, and while the suspect was killed in the gunfire, Bruno was a hero that saved the lives of the other officers.

His partner RJ Young was understandably distraught over how the situation played out.

He notes about the experience-

“[Bruno was shot] point blank, it was a horrific thing to have to watch,” he told ABC News. “My entire world came tumbling down in the matter of a second.”

The German Shephard was immediately taken to the hospital. The bullet narrowly missed his heart, and he underwent two surgeries before he could be taken off his breathing tube. A week later, the two…



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