Pocahontas Fake News Tolerance

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been referred to as Pocahontas by President Donald Trump. This is not a racial slur as some of the mainstream media would have you believe. This is in reference to Ms. Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry that are in question here. The way the networks have not covered the issue makes them peddlers of misinformation through omission. Read on.

As Written By Brent Bozell for Townhall:

The network news divisions boast about how much they care about the truth and then rage against President Trump when he calls them makers of “fake news.” But when it comes to the politicians they adore, especially those they wish would run for president, the truth takes a back seat.

Exhibit A right now is Elizabeth Warren, who falsely claimed in a professional directory to be descended from Cherokee Indians, so as to be listed as a minority when she



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