Plan B In Uncovering Voter Fraud Has Just Commenced

President Trump announced the dissolution of the Election Integrity Commission that was to expose voter fraud. Liberal heads did not explode as they celebrated what they see as a win against the President. They may be counting their chickens before they hatch.

Have they not heard of Plan B? It is obvious that the President has outdone them in their use of obstruction tactics. Their emphasis on the Russian question has placed the investigation into the hands of the Department of Homeland Security. 

As Written and Reported By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Before progressives start celebrating the dissolution of the Election Integrity Commission, they had better figure out what lies ahead.  President Trump announced late yesterday that the Election Integrity Commission, headed by Kansas secretary of state Kris Kobach, will be dissolved.

“Rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense, today President Donald J. Trump signed an executive



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