“Pinheads” in Congress Better Get to Work on “Real” Healthcare Reform

Bill O’Reilly had some harsh words for Congress during his Fox News show on Thursday night. O’Reilly delivered a scathing monologue demanding that the “pinheads” in Congress get to work on fixing our healthcare problems and making sure that they get it right.

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Wiretaps and your Health. The two things are separate, thank God.

Today the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a statement saying they have no evidence that anyone tapped the Trump Tower.

Not a surprise.

Also today, the White House dragged our pal Bret Baier into it and he’ll be here shortly.

But first, the debate over your health and how the country should treat you.

Fact number one – we need a new healthcare system because working Americans are paying too much for health insurance, and the federal government is running up debt that will eventually harm all of us.

So Congress needs…



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