Phelps Splashes Back at Discovery Shark Race Critics

Michael Phelps splashed back at his Discovery shark race critics during a Facebook Live session Tuesday, saying it was never possible to swim side-by-side with great white shark.

Phelps and Discovery were both hounded by complaints on social media after the “Phelps vs. Shark” program aired Sunday. Some complained that the network duped them, making them believe that the gold medal-winning swimmer would race a real shark. Intead, what they got was the Olympian facing off against a computer-generated shark whose speed was based on scientific research.

USA Today’s “For The Win” blog stated that when the question came up in Phelps’ Facebook Live session, the record-setting swimmer was ready to defend the show.

“Everybody wants to pick on something or say something or complain about something, so I had fun racing a shark,” he said during the Facebook segment at about the 12-minute mark. “And seeing those animals up



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