People Say This is a Right-wing Conspiracy – it’s Not. I’m a Liberal and I Voted for Him After This Happened:

These are the words of the first of now four women (and counting): A woman who is a self-described liberal Democrat feminist who was sexually groped and assaulted – by Senator Al Franken.

Ironically, this woman is an activist and at the time a HUGE fan of Al Franken – so much so that having her photo taken with the iconic Saturday Night Love alumni for her mother (also a fan) was a dream come true. Then:

“… we stood next to each other … and down his hand went…”

Franken groped her butt in public. He kept his hand there as if the married scumbag deserved to get some of what he desired because he was giving his time – get this – at an event honoring women: 

Yep – this was just the first of what looks to be many, many women coming forward to talk of this creep’s



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