People Leaving New York City: Another Sanctuary City [VIDEO]

Perhaps the fact that so many are leaving New York City partially explains their refusal to enforce immigration law.

What does the fact that people are leaving New York City in great numbers have to do with their insistence on being a “sanctuary city”? A few days ago, I pointed out that Chicago was 1. defying new Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the enforcement of immigration law, and 2. facing depopulation as people flee the area. I suggested that these two things might be connected.

So, there’s a big reason for Rahm Emanuel to welcome illegals: to slow down Chicago’s descent into another Detroit and its transformation into a ghost town. Obviously, immigration enforcement would not only hasten the depopulation of Cook County (which is where Chicago is located), but it would slow down the flow of illegals to the city. They would no longer perceive Chicago as a…



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