Pence: US Expects China ‘to Do More’ About NKorea

Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday said the United States is ramping up the pressure on China “to do more” about the North Korea situation.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” morning program, Pence said the international community is united in wanting a “peaceable outcome in the Korean peninsula.”

“I met with the foreign minister of China and we made it very clear that we expect them to do more,” Pence told Fox News. “We truly do believe to achieve a peaceable outcome and nuclear-free Korean peninsula that China has to lead that effort in a very real way, bring pressure to bear on North Korea.”

During an earlier interview with “CBS This Morning,” Pence reiterated that all options are on the table with North Korea.

“The possession of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in the hands of a regime that routinely threatens the people of the United States and



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