Pelosi Desperate: Democrats Now Face Significant 2018 Congressional Losses

Last year, many believed that the Democrats would take back both sides of congress this November, but the tides have significantly turned and the economy has Nancy Pelosi at her wits end.

For most of last year, Democrats enjoyed a nearly double-digit lead of 15 points in the generic 2018 congressional ballot.

That has slipped to 2 points in favor of the Republicans and due to rising support of the GOP tax cuts and there effect, that is still rising. It’s the economy stupid! The law provided at least a modest tax cut to 80 percent of American households.

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Congressional Republicans also have a 9-point advantage on handling jobs, a 6-point lead on dealing with immigration and a 19-point lead on handling national security. The Democratic advantage on health care has dwindled to just 4 percentage points, down from double



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