Pay-to-Play Discovered in Emails – $156 Million to Clinton Foundation For Access to Hillary

All out corruption at the highest level has been discovered among the 15,000 new emails the FBI recently found. Those emails had mysteriously vanished from Hillary Clinton’s computer. Purely coincidence?

Pay-to-play is alive and well for the Clinton Crime Family.

85 of 154 non-governmental visitors to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually made payment to the Clinton Foundation.

40 people gave $100,000 each, while 20 gave a cool $1 million. The Clinton Foundation recieved $156 million from the 85 people who were then granted access to the Secretary.

Money makes the world go round!

Apparently, it takes a minimum of $100,000 just to meet the venerable old Secretary. Much more if you want something done.

As this scandal worsens, Hillary Clinton tried to blame Colin Powell for the inappropriate use of her email server. He quickly denied that.

Whose fault will it be that Hillary was taking cold hard…



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