Paul Manafort may have screwed up his bail deal efforts

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manfort may be too smart for his own good. Heck, he may be too rich for his own good. It could also be that maybe he is too arrogant for his own good. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is taking another look at Manafort’s attempt to satisfy bail requirements and get out of house arrest. Mr. Manafort is looking for a lot of very expensive leeway. Here is how it went down. 

As Written By Andrea Noble for the Washington Times:

Special counsel Robert Mueller has balked at a proposed bail package for former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort after prosecutors discovered he had been in recent contact with a Russian colleague “said to have ties to a Russian intelligence service.”

Mr. Manafort and the Russian colleague had been in contact as recently as last week to work on “ghostwriting an editorial in English regarding his political work for



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