Paul Craig Roberts: ‘The Russiagate Stakes Are Extreme’

Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist and journalist who specializes in economic affairs from an anti-establishment perspective. Roberts was alos the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Treasury for Economic Policy under President Reagan in 1981.

Roberts states in a recent blog, that he believes the Russiagate stakes are extreme. He believes that many Americans don’t understand what is at stake. He also believes that America is confronted with a coup conspiracy organized by top officials of the Obama Justice Department, FBI, CIA, the Hillary DNC, and the presstitute media to overturn the result of a democratic election and remove President Trump from office.

Of course we all know at the center of the whole coup is a FAKE DOSSIER. A FAKE dossier that was purchased by the DNC/Hillary that consists of unsupported allegations against Trump.

Why a FAKE dossier?

Well, the fake dossier was needed for the FBI/CIA/Obama Justice Department



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