Parents Of Benghazi Dead Sue Hillary For Wrongful Death And Defamation

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As much as Hillary Clinton would love for Benghazi to go away…it won’t. The families of the dead won’t let it be pushed aside.

Recently, two of those parents took it one step further. They sued Hillary Clinton for wrongful death of their loved ones due to her negligence in using the unsecure email server which allowed our foes to locate Ambassador Stevens and plan the attack.

Also, they claim Hillary defamed them literally calling them liars for telling the stories of what Hillary said to their faces over the flag draped coffins of their children.

Hillary said it was caused by the horrible video with full knowledge that the video story was a lie.

Now she claims the families heard her wrong because their grief or that they are lying to hurt her run for the presidency.

From Fox News:

The parents of two of the…



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