Palestinian trots out centuries-old ‘blood libel’

Palestinian flags

It’s as old as the Middle Ages and has reached as high as the halls of the United Nations, but apparently the long-disproven “blood libel” against Jews isn’t going away.

It’s been resurrected in the writings of Mustafa Al-Lidawi, a former senior Hamas official who was published in the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency.

He wrote on the occasion of Purim:

“This is the same holiday that the peoples of Europe hated and detested [and because of it] wished that the Jews would leave their countries so they could be saved from their wickedness. This is because the Jews who lived in Europe would always bake a large pastry on the occasion of the holiday, and everyone would eat it. However, this pastry was mixed with the blood of a victim they chose from among those who were not Jews.”

He continued: “Most of the time the



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