Palestinian Murderer Loses Citizenship/Deported-Press Whitewashes Her History

After years of legal wrangling, 70-year-old Chicago Palestinian murderer Rasmea Odeh officially lost her citizenship and was deported from the United States last week for concealing her murder/conviction of two Israeli college students.

Of course, if you follow the media reports you wouldn’t know that Odea murdered two kids, For example, the Chicago Sun-Times buried the lede in their story.

The 70-year-old Palestinian immigrant, whose U.S. citizenship was revoked by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for not disclosing having served time as a prisoner in Israel, didn’t cry until the end, only after ICE refused her huge crowd of supporters entry into the airport.

The Chicago Tribune’s lede (from the Associated Press) was just as whitewashed:

70-year-old Chicago Palestinian activist who was deported from the United States for concealing a decades-old bombing conviction arrived in Jordan on Wednesday.

The truth is that Rasmea Yousef Odeh



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