Pack of 200 Chimpanzees Terrorize Rivals and Other Monkeys in Uganda [VIDEO]

Scientists have located what they believe is the largest pack of chimpanzees in the world.  It has 200 members and they are warrior apes.  They drive off their competition, chase down monkeys and kill them for food.Sometimes they attack each other if they get in the way.

Little by little, the chimpanzees of Ngogo have slaughtered their way to the top.

With a community of more than 200 members, the Ngogo chimps in the Ugandan rainforest are said to be the most brutal troop in the world, often waging violent attacks on neighbouring tribes to expand their territory.

A new Discovery documentary has provided a captivating glimpse into the lives of these ‘warrior apes,’ following the group for 23 years to reveal their human-like complexity as the chimps hunt, fight, and support each&hellip




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