Pablo Escobar Owned More Than 200 Exotic Animals

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Pablo Escobar was worth more than $30 billion during his lifetime. He spent his riches on tons of things, but the most impressive might be his sprawling estate in Columbia, called Hacienda Napoles, or Naples Estate. The estate was worth about $63 million and home to a strange sculpture-park, Escobar’s own private airport, and a collection of vintage and luxury cars. But the most impressive attraction was Escobar’s exotic zoo, home to more than 200 animals– most of which he obtained illegally and smuggled into the country.

The zoo included antelope, ostriches, camels, zebras, and all kinds of exotic birds. It also boasted four large hippos. More than 25 years after the Colombian government took over ownership of the property, these hippos have managed to multiply to about 100, and they roam the sprawling grounds and surrounding lakes, driving the local farmers crazy. It costs about $4,500 to move just one of these 3-ton hippos to a zoo, and sterilizing or straight-up eliminating the population hasn’t been going so well either. Now the Hacienda Zoo is still open, with much fewer animals and a few aggressive hippos on the premises, but the public can still visit the estate to see where Escobar spent most of his downtime. The new theme park there is actually great for the local economy, even if Escobar’s hippos aren’t. Check out this video for a look inside Escobar’s compound and at his prized animals, as well as some insight into this huge hippo situation.

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