Owner of ‘Obama Gas Station’ Arrested…For Tax Evasion

I will never understand why businesses get involved in politics and put off half of their potential customers.  You must be quite the superfan to name your gas station “Obama Mart.” What a nice tribute to a president who surely was full of gas. Of all ways to pay homage to your hero, named for a place people stop at to take a leak and buy some Cheetos. The sentiment warms the soul.

Mr. Murad A. Alhanik of Columbia, South Carolina was so happy about Obama’s presidency that he plastered Obama’s name and logo all over his business and he claimed that the gimmick actually worked, bringing in more business. Apparently Mr. Murad saw all that big money coming in and got a little greedy. It’s funny when people start making real money and then suddenly realize in horror how much of THEIR money is actually going straight to the

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