OVER THE TOP! Crazy Cat Lady Plans To Raise Her Cats As “Gender Neutral”

The PC craze knows no bounds. Here is a story that you would swear was from “The Onion” or one of those spoof sites around the internet. You won’t see a “Snopes” report after this news, though you’ll wish you did.

This story is true. A woman has decided to raise her cats…”Gender Neutral”.

Once you’ve stopped laughing, keep reading. You might think that it means that she just had them castrated or neutered so they were essentially “sexless”, but you’d be wrong. It’s much more than that.

She wants to raise them using “Gender Neutral Pronouns”. It would be horrific to call them, “Boys” or “Girls”.

This takes “Crazy Cat Lady” to a whole new level.

From The Washington Post:

My new cats were freaking out. In carriers in the back seat of the car, they yowled their displeasure. I reassured them: “Don’t worry boys, we’ll be home…



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