OUTRAGE! Soros just paid for control of… WHAT!?

New federal election commission records show that Soros is using his billions to take financial control of every aspect of the Democratic Party and its leadership – but the thing is, it’s not George Soros. It’s the son you’ve probably never heard of.

Alexander Soros serves on the board of his dad’s flagship “philanthropy,” the Open Society Foundation.

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But he’s quietly stepped out of his dad’s shadow to become one of the leading political figures on the far-left – and the Democratic Party’s leading powerbroker.

He’s raising the financial stakes higher and higher in his not-so-hostile takeover of the nation’s oldest political party. Alex Soros gave $4.5 million to left-wing candidates and committees in the 2016 election season – up from a paltry $88,000 in 2014.

At one point last year, the younger Soros actually eclipsed the



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