Outrage: College Professor Uses Flag as Doormat, Tricks Students into Stepping on it

Get ready for another liberal blood boiler! In the name of free speech, an assistant professor has not only used our flag as a doormat, she is tricking students into walking on it and then TAKING THEIR PICTURES! Of course, this is all in the name of “art.”

Colleges and universities across the country have been getting away with pushing their anti-American agenda for far too long. Conservative voices are censored and yet displays of “art” like this crap are allowed and even encouraged. The trickery involved here makes this even worse! One student even reveals that the trickster professor was laughing as she snapped the pictures of the victims of her stunt.

Students and community members at Broward College (BC) are outraged after an American Flag was used as a doormat by a professor during an art exhibition hosted by the school.

“So it appears this is ok to do



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