Our Economic Fundamentals Are Horrible & the Establishment if In Denial [WATCH!]

The media and economists are doing their best to hide from us that the economic fundamentals of our country are weak and flawed.

Remember John McCain claiming in 2008 that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong”? If he ever had any chance of winning the presidency that bit of mindless denialism ended it. Because a Democrat was running after eight years of a Republican presidency, the media was willing to tell the truth about the economic fundamentals for a brief time.

No longer.

So, while the media and establishment economists insist we are in a recovery, we keep getting news like this:

Sears Holdings Corp. suffered its worst stock decline in six weeks after acknowledging “substantial doubt” about its future, raising fresh concerns about the survival of a company that was once the world’s largest retailer.

Sears added so-called going-concern language to its latest annual report filing, suggesting that…



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