Oscars Blunder True, Or Merely Publicity Stunt?


The 2017 Academy Awards ended with a bang last night after a massive blunder left the organizers, presenters, and audience members completely stunned.

Hollywood’s big night ended on an enormous fiasco…but was the whole mess staged?

During last night’s live telecast, an enormous error was made by Price Waterhouse Cooper, the firm in charge of ensuring that the voting is regulated and who also distributes the envelopes which announce the winners.  Now, many are convinced that it was no accident at all.

“The 2017 Oscars sure took the cake in terms of delivering the unexpected. Faye Dunaway, alongside Warren Beatty, announced that the winner for 2017 Best Picture was La La Land. But as the entire interwebs now knows, Moonlight was the true winner of the night’s biggest award. So how could such a confusing and terrible mix-up even take place?

“According to Marc Snetiker of Entertainment Weekly Emma Stone said she had her Best Actress…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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