‘Only Imagine’ dad Dennis Quaid: For me … it’s Jesus

Dennis Quaid in “I Can Only Imagine”

Actor Dennis Quaid plays a lead role in the new hit movie “I Can Only Imagine” as the father of MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard, whose song by that name is the focus.

But there wasn’t any acting involved when Quaid, on the movie set, completed a song he had begun to write to his mother 25 years ago.

The new music video:

He sings, “I’m on my way to heaven, so I can’t be stayin’ long.”

The song goes on: “My life may not be roses, but still I’m going to be all right. Long as I got my savior by my side.”

He’s clear about the importance of his faith.

“For me, it’s Jesus. The red words of Jesus. How simple it is.”

He explains he was a seeker in his 20s, traveling around the globe looking for the answer to “Who is God.”

When he returned home, he wanted



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