Online fight erupts over copyright to static. Yes, really!

First, one has to wonder why someone would upload to YouTube a file of 10 hours of white noise, also called static.

Second, who would file a copyright claim over it?

But four different interests have done exactly that, including one party who claimed the copyright twice.

Details come from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which maintains a “Takedown Hall of Shame” list.

The list features procedures by social media companies to arbitrate disputes over copyright material.

The file is online and already has more than 71,000 views.

EFF explained that Sebastian Tomczak runs a blog on technology and sound. And he has a YouTube channel.

“In 2015, Tomczak uploaded a 10-hour video of white noise. Colloquially, white noise is persistent background noise that can be soothing or that you don’t even notice after a while. More technically, white noise is many frequencies played at equal intensity. In Tomczak’s video,



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