One Matt Lauer Accuser Is Absolutely Terrified That She Will Be Outed By NBC [Video]

[VIDEO] Not every accuser of Matt Lauer wants any time in the limelight. There is one who is absolutely terrified that she will be outed by NBC. She was represented by her attorney Ari Wilkenfeld in an interview on NBC with reporter Stephanie Gosk for Friday’s Today show. It appears that there is some sort of confidentiality agreement in place and that is very important to the victim. Watch the video.

As Written By Kyle Drennan for Newsbusters:

In an exclusive interview with NBC reporter Stephanie Gosk for Friday’s Today show, the attorney for the sexual harassment accuser of Matt Lauer revealed that the anonymous network staffer was “terrified” that NBC would allow information about her identity to leak out, even as there was “a hunt underway to figure out who she is.”

“Does she live with this fear that she’s gonna be found out?,” Gosk asked attorney Ari Wilkenfeld about his client. Wilkenfeld warned: “My client is terrified. And



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